I started this blog at the beginning of the year with the intention of writing regularly so that I could keep track of my progress. Hands up – I haven’t been very good at it. Apologies! But things have been quite chaotic to say the least.

The year started with a job change and just when I thought things were starting to settle I got promoted and it’s been non-stop since – not to mention the four desk moves so far!

On top of that, there are the usual mundane domestic tasks that never seem to end, the pooch that needs to be walked, feed and cuddled, and a halfhearted attempt to exercise.

Musically, I’ve achieved ABRSM Grade 7 Singing, completed a weeklong stint as the wife of the King of Siam in The King and I and participated in countless fetes, festivals, performances and concerts with Newark & Sherwood Concert Band.

More importantly, over the last few months I have been looking to 2016, practicing for Grade 8 Singing, Grade 8 Music Theory, Grade 5 Flute and Grade 1 Piano, securing performance opportunities and preparing for future projects yet to be formally announced.

Needless to say that this year hasn’t been without its difficulties, financially, mentally or emotionally, and I know that 2016 will be even busier with tougher challenges ahead.

I still have the same goal, that hasn’t changed. I just need to be more focused and organized because I know all the hard work brings me another step closer.

Merry Christmas! And you’ll definitely be hearing from me more in 2016!