So the picture is a little dramatic…hey I wanna be an opera singer! But I do feel like a walking disaster this week. Last weekend I decided as part of my mission I would cut out all fizzy drinks (Hello, my name is Rebecca and I’m a coca cola addict). I didn’t think it a good idea (or safe for anyone around me) to go cold turkey. So, I’m doing it slowly. But I’m proud to say I haven’t cracked this week so far!

As a side effect I do feel tired, lethargic and a little more irritated than normal (reluctantly admitting), but I know I gotta push through to meet, not only my weight target, but to save the pennies. I gotta just keeping going…

As an addition to my week, I’ve also been preparing to submit my tax return…irritation alert…irritation alert and the evening hours have all but evaporated so guess what someone will be doing this bank holiday weekend?

And to top it all off, with the weather turning warmer, and my new “be active” moto I seem to be suffering quite badly with my sinuses/hayfever. Hayfever is a relatively new thing for me (only starting a couple of years ago) but I dose of antihistamine usually keeps it at bay. Not this year! It’s like a tank that’s been leaking for years and you’ve managed to patch it but now the tank is ready to explode. That’s pretty much sums up how my face feels right now.

I’ve pondered as to why it’s much worse this year (or seems so) and then it hit me! What have we been focusing on in my singing lessons? Resonance. A key part to singing opera is to place the voice in the cavities in your skull to create resonance and enables you to project your voice and produce a lovely clear sound that has a ring to it. Where are we currently working? The middle voice. and where are the resonance pockets for the middle voice? The sinuses! Crime solved. Now off for some sleep and recovery…a lot of work to do tomorrow. Night x