With the good comes the bad. Today has been a busy day in the office, followed by a busy evening sat at my home office under a mountain of paperwork. I can’t stop my mind from wandering to when I was younger and I couldn’t wait to grow up, get a job and have my own house. I thought i’d have loads of money and could do whatever I wanted. And the reality is?…I want to be a kid again!

No one tells you the reality is in fact you spend more time at work than anywhere else…sometimes doing things you don’t want to do and sometimes socialising with people you don’t really like! Or that you work hard all month and then all your money is all gone within a matter of days…on bills not even fun stuff. Then there’s the money worries…unexpected bills…and you wish money grew on trees because you would have a whole bloody nursery full!

It’s just another thing getting in the way of my musical pursuits. I know that’s all part of being a grow up but in an ideal world I need a housekeeper (willing to do washing and ironing), a chef, a dog walker, a personal trainer and PA…any offers?