I’m a self confessed neat freak! I like things tidy; my kitchen cupboards…tin labels facing outwards, towels neatly folded and arranged in alternating colours. Wow, when you put it in writing, I sound like I have a problem!! Anyway, to me, having a clean tidy space around me equals a clean tidy mind. I’ve always functioned better that way.

Today has raised many questions…what do I need to achieve my goal vs what I have time and finances for. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day and money in the bank for me to do all that I want/need and deep down there are going to be some difficult decisions make.

I’m normally quite good at making decisions. I don’t normally avoid them, I like to sit and figure them out, so that everything is neat and tidy and I know where I am. These decisions may have an impact on future prospects so care is needed, which makes me worry, which makes me loose sleep, which makes me tired, which makes me grumpy. Sometimes I wish there was a fairy godmother that could solve all your problems without them even popping into your head. Actually if i’m wishing for something, I might want to make a better decision than that!!! Night all x