Balancing a full time job with what I refer to as my musical job in waiting, isn’t easy. Yet despite working full-time, running a house, running my own business, exercising, caring for my dog and cat and caring for myselfI I always manage to find/make time to do some practising; even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Why? Because I have to! You can’t get very far without putting the work in.

So my evenings usually consist of walking the dog, cooking, a bit of cleaning and washing followed by singing, flute and piano practice. It’s a good thing that 1.) I’m super efficient and 2.) have good time management skills.

And yes it does come with a price. I don’t deny it. I rarely just sit down and just watch TV. All my spare money goes on music lessons and books. I don’t go out or buy new clothes and a Holiday is a foreign word to me!

But you know what, despite the fact that it is a high price. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will practice till my fingers, lips and throat bleed if it gets me a career in music!