I can’t explain how singing makes me feel. All i know for definite is that I have to do it. I’m not sure whether it’s an addiction of sorts or a sense of my true purpose. That probably makes me sound crazy…

I know it’s difficult for most people to understand that singing is more than just opening your mouth and hoping something comes out. There’s actually a whole network working to put that sound out…and a very specific network for opera.

This is what I love about my singing lessons now. It’s not just about how to produce the correct sound but it’s also about feeling the right sound. That might seem a little strange but it’s true. You know when it’s right because you can feel it. So you’re always feeling for the note rather than hearing it…does not make sense?

And for me, it’s also important to understand the why behind it all. Understanding all this is invaluable as it means that when you come across a problem, you have the tools to resolve it. It means I don’t have to rely on anyone but myself.