Well today was average. Sorry, there’s no other way to describe it. Nothing exceptional happened. Nothing special to report. It was just a typical Thursday.

I did, however, think about my reasoning for doing this whole project and decided that I needed a clearer plan of action, a timetable so to speak. Something to keep me on track on my way to my goal.

I do have to remember to be realistic. I have tried timetables in the past and they have left me feeling depressed and frustrated, but I think I wasn’t being honest and realistic with myself. I do work full time. I have numerous musical activities/commitments on top of lessons and daily practice as well as caring for Jesssie and Bellatrix, eating and cooking, cleaning, sleeping etc etc.the list seems endless. I also need to remember this time to make sure that I leave time for fun and relaxing…equally important!

I have scheduled this little task for Saturday afternoon…wish me luck, I think i’m gonna need it!